Data collection

collectminimalLiso does not collect personal data beyond the minimum necessary for each specific purpose of the processing. Like your order.
Deliver your order: For your order, we have your name, email address, address (s), pay information and may need your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We give your information to others when needed for an order, for example to a delivery services and our distributor. We demand of our external vendors that they deal with your data just as carefully as we do.
retainedminimal Liso does not retain personal data beyond the minimum necessary for each specific purpose of our processing. Belgian law requires us to keep data like invoices, orders for 7 years, ownership information remains stored until we are informed the vehicle is sold to a third party.
processed Liso does not process personal data for purposes other than the purposes for which the information was collected. These processes include sending you information about an error in your boat or necessary upgrades.
However for invoicing, Insurance and Eu/CE regulations we need these information.

Data storage

given Liso does not disseminate personal information to commercial third parties.
notsold Liso does not sell out or rent out personal data.
Emails to liso-yachts are stored at , email to a gmail account are stored at Google.
All storage is stored on Icloud.

Access and correction of data

You have the free right to - without any justification - access, change, rectification transfer, opposition to the use of your personal data by FCE liso NV and complain to the GDPR. You can do this by sending an e-mail to admin at or by sending a letter to fce liso NV
Meirestraat 25, 9921 Vinderhoute, Belgium.
You can always unsubscribe for communications via e-mail by clicking on the relevant link.

Conversion tracking with 'visitor action pixel' from Google

We use the visitor action pixel from Google Analytics ("Google") to measure the effectiveness of online marketing measures and what countries/ regions do visit our website the most. The collected data remain anonymous, which means that we can not see the personal data of individual users, nor can we link to other information about a user.The data at google is stored at google for the minimal possible: 14 months. However, this data is stored and processed by Google. Google can register the behavior of users who were redirected to our websites. By using cookies (text files stored on your computer), Google can recognize logged in users and use the data for their own advertising purposes, eg targeted advertisements, in accordance with Google Privacy Policy (Google's Data Use Policy).

Information We May Collect from or about your Liso vehicle

We may collect a variety of information from or about your Liso vehicle, including:
▪ Telematics log data: To improve our vehicles and services for you, we may collect certain telematics data regarding the performance, usage, operation, and condition of your Liso vehicle, including the following: e.g., vehicle identification number; speed information; odometer readings; battery use management information; battery charging history; electrical system functions; software version information; infotainment system data; safety-related data and camera images (including, e.g., information regarding the vehicle’s SRS systems, braking and acceleration, security, e-brake, and accidents); short video clips of accidents; information regarding the use and operation of Autopilot, Summon, and other features; and other data to assist in identifying issues and analysing the performance of the vehicle. We may collect such information either in person (such as during a service appointment) or via remote access.
▪ Remote analysis data: We may be able to dynamically connect to your Liso vehicle to diagnose and resolve issues with it, and this process may result in access to personal settings in the vehicle (such as browsing history, navigation history). This dynamic connection also enables us to view the current location of your vehicle, but such access is restricted to a limited number of personnel within Liso.
▪ Other vehicle data: In order to help improve our products and services, we may collect and store other vehicle data, such as: data about accidents involving your Liso vehicle (e.g., recent sensor data); data about remote services (e.g., remote lock/unlock, start/stop charge, and honk-the-horn commands); a data report to confirm that your vehicle is online together with information about the current software version and certain telematics data; vehicle connectivity information; data about any issues that could materially impair operation of your vehicle; data about any safety-critical issues; and data about each software and firmware update. We may collect such information either in person (e.g., during a service appointment) or via remote access.
▪ Service history: In order to facilitate the servicing of your vehicle, we may collect and process data about the service history of each Liso vehicle, including, e.g., vehicle identification number, repair history, any outstanding recalls, any bills due, any customer complaints, and any other information related to its service history.
▪ Charging station information: We may collect information regarding the charge rate and charging stations used by you (including outlets) in order to, e.g., analyse which charging stations are being utilized, how long and efficient battery charges are, and where additional charging stations are needed.
▪ Advanced features:
▪ We may provide you with features in your Liso vehicle, such as the real-time weather feature, Autopilot, Summon, or other features which make use of the road segment data of your vehicle, and we may share this data with partners that contribute similar data to help us provide the service. We also may collect similar data in connection with other features and may share it with business partners where necessary to provide the feature to you, but we will only collect and share the data in a way that does not personally identify you. We also only collect and share this data if these features are enabled in your vehicle, though your vehicle may send this data to Liso and its partners even if you are not actively using a feature that needs this information. You can enable or disable the collection and sharing of this data at any time via the “DATA SHARING” setting in Controls > Settings > Safety & Security.
If you no longer wish us to collect Telematics Log Data or any other data from your Liso vehicle, please contact us as indicated in the “Contact Us” section below. Please note that, if you opt out from the collection of Telematics Log Data or any other data from your Liso vehicle (with the exception of the Data Sharing setting detailed above), we will not be able to notify you of issues applicable to your vehicle in real time, and this may result in your vehicle suffering from reduced functionality, serious damage, or inoperability, and it may also disable many features of your vehicle including periodic software and firmware updates, remote services, and interactivity with mobile applications and in-vehicle features such as location search, Internet radio, voice commands, and web browser functionality.

Responsible for keeping personal data

FCE liso NV
Meirestraat 25
9921 Vinderhoute