"A luxury experience"

Is something that simply makes you feel good. Or Special. In defining our luxury yacht, for some people this can be to enjoy the freedom - while for others it is being trouble-free. Luxury at liso goes beyond the physical presence and amenities and extends to the all important levels of service. Luxury is an experience. It's the total package of yachting. Liso's Luxury, by definition, means something that appears to be the best yachting represents. We raise your expectations, and probably the most important thing luxury represents our brand's name.
Liso's Luxury is defined by our attention to the details. It's the touch and feel of fine leathers or a plush pillows. Our meticulous workmanship, the yachts sumptuous atmosphere and discerning good taste.The luxury liso provides four you is yachting without limits and having your time and peace.

Liso means PMC

Liso provides a nice PMC (Product Market Combinations), we deliver yachts for different target groups like teenagers, young adults, young families and seniors.In other words liso can provide a boat for You!

Don't worry

Liso’s payoff – ‘don't worry’ the trouble-free boating, sailing, yachting you will enjoy.The luxury you want.
A Liso is made to enjoy boating, sailing or yachting in full luxury and we make things even easier by offering a luxury service. All our work is tailored to your specific needs, starting from the moment you order your yacht. Even the environment is important, not only reducing CO2 emissions, toxic particles and smog, The new Liso Aquamare GTE aquamare work also on reducing noise en experiencing silence.

Quality ISO

As a young company liso is synonym for quality.
At an early stage liso implements DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) procedures and we try to work conform ISO 9001 and conform with Lean Six Sigma & Quality Assurance Methods. Strict production description and quality control are other words for Customer QUALITY guarantee

Liso wintercare

Liso Winter Care provides the best care for your boat over the winter. It starts with an intensive check, if there is an issues it is being resolved by our specialists before your boat goes into our storage. Quality maintenance by specialists using in-house parts also ensures you will enjoy yachting don't worry and the best possible trouble-free resale value in later years.
You can rest assured that your Liso will be ready to go the moment you arrive at one of our partners – thoroughly checked, cleaned.


When it comes to maintenance, no one can outdo us. At Liso, we consider a sale to be merely the beginning of our relationship with the customer. In addition to maintenance, there is an ongoing process of technical improvements from which all regularly returning boats can benefit.With VITRE, your electric boat is monitored when activated and send only relevant technical data to liso when connected to 3G/4G. VITRE allows liso to interveen upfront and detect errors before they happen. And, last but not least, there is room for winter storage at our partners. Leave your boat in our capable hands until it’s time to cruise back into the sailing season, trouble-free and no worry ! The only thing you need to do is enjoy: sailing, boating, yachting, enjoy your family, your friends and aseptically your liso yacht.


If you need your boat to be transported anywhere in Europe, Liso has the solutions you need. Our partner is a specialist for road transport our yachts and carries out several relocations for Liso every year. Transport from Belgium to Italy, for instance, typically takes 3 days. Don't worry we take care of you and you luxury.